About Us


Bleacher Brawls is a multimedia brand devoted to covering the on-field performance, current events, and history of the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees through the lens of passionate fans observing the greatest rivalry in the history of professional sports. 

Our website, podcast, and videos are helmed by a group of Red Sox and Yankee fans that somehow manage to coexist in the name of offering comprehensive coverage of this eternal blood feud. You can catch our shows wherever podcasts can be downloaded as well as our YouTube channel. 


Luke is a Bleacher Brawls co-founder that has been a die-hard Red Sox fan since Mike Greenwell rightfully earned the 1988 AL MVP Award. He loves bunts and hard splitters and hates defensive metrics and the universal DH. He is a writer and editor for the Bleacher Brawls website and contributor on the Sox and Pendulum podcasts. 

John is a Bleacher Brawls co-founder and die-hard third generation Yankees fan. As a kid, his grandfather figured out which train Babe Ruth would take home from Yankee Stadium and then make it a point to be on that train so he could see Babe Ruth. The Yankees tradition runs deep within his family, as their blood is pinstriped. He is a writer  for the Bleacher Brawls website and contributor to the Stripes and Pendulum podcasts. 

Patrick is a Red Sox fan by way of Roanoke, Virginia, where he grew up down the street from the Salem Red Sox. Being at the ballpark was a completely different animal than watching baseball on tv, and he was immediately hooked. He would like to thank the Colorado Rockies for leaving town so the Red Sox could take over the team, because otherwise he might be a Rockies fan. You can find Patrick hosting the Bleacher Brawls podcast, appearing on the YouTube channel, and writing under the moniker The Boy Who Loved Joe Kelly. 

Barnes is a Bleacher Brawls voice that loves the Yankees. He loves doing the YMCA at the stadium during the 7th inning stretch as well as being part of the roll call from the right field bleachers. His favorite pitch is the backdoor slider, and he never understood how sunflower seeds came to be the dominant snack of players. Barnes is a contributor on the Stripes and Pendulum podcast and a writer for www.bleacherbrawls.com. Let’s go Yankees! 

Derrik is a life long Red Sox fan that brings youthful energy to covering the Red Sox, baseball, or any other sport. He loves to present random stats you’ve never heard of before, and is always ready to present every single advanced stat that can back up his opinions. Derrik is also the official Bleacher Brawls prospect scout, providing analysis on farm systems across MLB. He is a primary contributor on the YouTube channel and the Sox podcast, and also writes for www.bleacherbrawls.com.

Joey is a recent high school graduate and rising star in Boston-area politics. When he isn’t brushing up on the history of MLB’s dead ball era or confined on mom-induced house arrest, you can find him in front of the mirror practicing his Michael Keaton and Christian Bale impersonations. When recordings do not extend beyond his curfew, he is a contributor on the Bleacher Brawls Sox podcast.

Kassem is a die-hard Yankee fan who has never met a prospect that doesn’t blow. Originally from Lebanon, he has represented the pinstripes while living in Detroit Tiger country for the past few decades. He measures success solely in terms of championships, and he’s not about to tolerate a year or two of a “rebuild” any time soon. You can find him being perpetually “honest” and “realistic” on the Bleacher Brawls Stripes podcast.