Inspired by the Baseball Quick Quiz in Baseball Digests of yesteryear, this quiz will test your MLB knowledge. Answers can be found below the second picture, so don’t scroll down until you’re ready to check. Test yourself and then leave your score in the comments below. Questions are worth 10 points unless noted otherwise. It’s out of 100, and according to Baseball Digest, “If you score 80 or better, you earn an expert’s rating; 70 or better, superior; between 60 and 70, good; and between 40 and 60, average.” 

  1. Paul Konerko is best known as the longtime first baseman of the Chicago White Sox. He did play for two other teams before Chicago. Name one of the two National League teams Konerko played for. Both teams for 10 points, one team for 5 points. 
  2. Big League Chew comes in many different flavors. What flavor comes in the green pouch? 
  3. Tony La Russa won four Manager of the Year awards. How many were in the American League? 
  4. The Orioles and the Nationals battle in the Beltway series every year. Which team has won more head-to-head games all time? 
  5. Name any of the four members of the 40–40 Club. 
  6. Name any of the four members of the 20-20-20-20 Club. 
  7. This Arizona Diamondbacks closer from 2003-2007 has the most saves in franchise history. Who is it?
  8. Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run ball was recently sold at auction. The man in possession of the ball turned down an offer of $3 million in favor of auction. How much did it fetch? Be within $300,000 for 5 points, be within $100,000 for the full 10 points. 
  9. Who hit the first home run in Tampa Bay Devil Rays history?
  10. Pedro Martinez pitched against all 30 active MLB franchises. What is the only team he did not receive a win against? 

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers and Cincinnati Reds
  2. Sour apple
  3. Three: 1983, 1988, 1992
  4. Baltimore, 51-39
  5. Jose Canseco, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Alfonso Soriano 
  6. Frank Schulte, Willie Mays, Curtis Granderson, Jimmy Rollins
  7. Jose Valverde
  8. $1.5 million – ouch!
  9. Wade Boggs
  10. Boston Red Sox, 0-1 in one career game pitching against them 

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