Inspired by the Baseball Quick Quiz in Baseball Digests of yesteryear, this quiz will test your MLB knowledge. Answers can be found below the second picture, so don’t scroll down until you’re ready to check. Test yourself and then leave your score in the comments below. Questions are worth 10 points unless noted otherwise. It’s out of 100, and according to Baseball Digest, “If you score 80 or better, you earn an expert’s rating; 70 or better, superior; between 60 and 70, good; and between 40 and 60, average.”

  1. Alex Cora (Red Sox) and Aaron Boone (Yankees) both started their managerial careers in 2018. Who has been ejected more in that time? 
  2. Who was the last closer to save more than 50 games in a single season?
  3. Which 1963 NL MVP, Cy Young, and All-Star, struck out more than 300 batters en route to those accolades?
  4. Have the Cincinnati Reds had more seasons in first place or last place? 
  5. Which TWO of the following were not nicknames (according to Baseball Reference) of former big leaguer Jayson Werth: Coyote, Werewolf, The Wolf of First Street, Wolfman?
  6. Brandon Nimmo is one of only 17 major leaguers to be born in what state?
  7. Which franchise holds a league-record for combined no-hitters at 4?
  8. How many above .500 seasons have the Washington Nationals had since winning the World Series in 2019?
  9. Who has a better career ERA: Wade Boggs or Ted Williams?
  10. Which member of the 2004 Red Sox had more hits in the regular season: Curt Schilling or Pedro Martinez?

  1. Aaron Boone at 30, Alex Cora is at 10 (as of 6/1/23)
  2. Edwin Diaz, 57 in 2018
  3. Sandy Koufax
  4. 17 first place finishes, 13 last place finishes
  5. Coyote, Wolfman
  6. Wyoming
  7. Houston. Baltimore is the only other team with multiple, at 2. 
  8. Zero
  9. Wade Boggs at 3.86 (1 ER in 2.1 innings) to Williams’ 4.50 (1 ER in 2.0 innings)
  10. Schilling with 1, Pedro had 0 in 2 ABs

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