New York Yankees Fan

New York Yankees Fan

We all know about the Mets early season win against the Miami Marlins in which Michael Conforto was hit by a pitch with the bases loaded in a tie game in the bottom of the 9th. I have a take on this controversial play that surprisingly, no one else seems to have noticed.

Has anyone else taken a moment to think about the fact that the Mets won a game in a controversial fashion? Usually it is the opposite. Usually the Mets are on the losing end of the controversy. This small play made me a believer that the Mets fortunes are about to change. The Wilpons are gone. Steve Cohen has already brought a new energy to the Mets that I haven’t seen since at least 2000, if ever. 

For the first time in my lifetime the Mets didn’t lose the controversial game. Not only did they not lose the controversial game but they did it against the team of their longtime crosstown nemesis Derek Jeter. If that isn’t a sign Steve Cohen has brought some good juju to the Mets, I don’t know what is.

I do think this is a sign things are about to change for the Mets. I do think they may start catching breaks instead of experiencing those breaks. From the bottom of my heart, I truly hope that every year catching those breaks not only results in a World Series appearance but ends in World Series loss to the Yankees. The 2000 World Series was absolutely electric. I loved every moment of it. I could watch the Mets lose to the Yankees in the World Series every year.

That all being said, Conforto should have been out. He clearly leaned into the pitch. I normally wouldn’t care at all either way since it’s New York’s B-level team but I do hate to see Don Mattingly lose a game. Seeing Mattingly, one of the best managers in baseball, lose like that was frustrating. The Mets didn’t earn that win at all but that is my point. They snuck a win, something they never, ever do.

I am impressed Mets fans, your team really shocked me. The Mets actually caught a break. This really may be the start of a new era.

By JMo

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