Every year, I rank the walk-up songs of that year’s Red Sox squad. It’s not a particularly clever endeavor, but I will insist that Sports Illustrated stole my idea. We can talk about that another time though …

I’ll be ranking them based on this list provided by the team. It doesn’t include guys on the Injured List, and Song Not available is listed for several players. But we’ll take what we have. If someone has multiple songs on the list, I will use the first one. Here we go, sneaking this in before the team changes at the trade deadline…

19. Kiké Hernandez – PASIEMPRE by Tainy, Arcángel, Jhayco, Myke Towers, Omar Courtz, Arca 

Unfortunately, you must actually play to be considered. 


18. Chris Murphy – Must Be The Feeling by NERO

Sorry, rook. It’s generic and boring. 


17. Connor Wong – WHO? WHAT! by Travis Scott

From Travis Scott’s album, ASTROWORLD. Remember when…never mind


16. Kutter Crawford – Hustler Musik by Lil Wayne

There is no single person on the planet that is less of a hustler than a white boy named Kutter Crawford.


15. Richard Bleier – Nothin’ But a Good Time by Poison

Apparently, Dick Bleier hasn’t updated his song since 1989.


14. Jorge Alfaro – Hey Mor by Ozuna, Feid

It’s fine, just like Alfaro.


13. Jarren Duran – Let’s Get Married (ReMarqable Remix) by Jagged Edge (feat. Run)

It’s fine, just like Duran – and half of a season doesn’t prove otherwise. 



12. Alex Verdugo – Volver, Volver by Vicente Fernández 

Same song as last year, when I wrote, “Dugie must REALLY like this song because it is not at all characteristic of a strong walk-up song. It ranks above others on the list because at least it isn’t…bad.”
I stand by last year’s assessment. 


11. Brayan Bello – Solo Yo by Anuel AA

The vibe is fine, but I can’t accurately judge the song because I don’t speak Spanish. I highly doubt the lyrics include “I want to eat you completely whole, I want to eat you completely alone,” so it doesn’t look like online translations will help either. 


10. Rafael Devers – Leyenda by Anuel AA

If you don’t speak Spanish, I dare you to Google a translation of this song. 


9. Triston Casas – It Was a Good Day by Ice Cube 

When Cube raps, “Finally, got a call from a girl I wanna dig out,” Casas is thinking about re-sharing Instagram pictures of him taken by young women at the ballpark.
*Note: as of this writing, he has 69 posts on Insta. He may never post again.


8. Rob Refsnyder – Come Down by Anderson .Paak 

Good vibes. Perfect song for 2025 ALCS MVP Rob Refsnyder. 


7. Masataka Yoshida – Good Feeling by Flo Rida

Masa gives me a good feeling…in my pants…



6. Kenley Jansen – CHAMPIONS by NLE Choppa

I like the attitude. 


5. Christian Arroyo – Calm Down by Rema 

Arroyo always picks very generic, viral hits-type stuff. It does suit him, as he looks like a guy who would spend a lot of time on TikTok. 


4. Nick Pivetta – Wipe Me Down by Boosie Badazz (feat. Foxx & Webbie)

Can you imagine Pivetta doing this dance? I can. 


3. Chris Martin – Texas by BigXthaPlug

Great beat for a reliever’s song. It’s hype, it’s personal … he gets an A.


2. Justin Turner – Boston by Augustana

A song about leaving L.A. for Boston and starting anew? Unsure if you’ve still got it, but ready to give it all you got? Jesus, it’s like they wrote this one about him. A+



1. Yu Chang – Crank That (Soulja Boy) by Soulja Boy


The best pick, obviously.

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