Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory?

Conspiracy Theories are red hot in the digital and social media age. You can find any kind of theory for whatever your interests are. Scroll TikTok for fifteen minutes and you’ll be bombarded with conspiracy after conspiracy. The Joe Rogan Experience probably wouldn’t even exist today had he not gone so hard on conspiracy theories in the early days. The majority of conspiracy theories are entertainment, but there are some really good conspiracies out there that will make you believe. Here is my Starting Nine of the best conspiracy theories being discussed today.


1. Aliens

Aliens is the unquestionable leadoff hitter of the conspiracy theory starting line up. Aliens is the ideal leadoff hitter in any conspiracy conversation because everyone, and I mean everyone, has a take. Most people believe in some form of aliens to a varying degree. If the universe is what we are being told it is, then it is way too big to believe other life does not exist. The question then breaks down to, have they visited us?

Whether or not aliens have visited us is where the conversation really gets interesting. There are so many different stories of alien sightings that all the different alien conspiracies deserve their own Starting Nine (don’t worry, they’ll get it).

Some of these sightings and interactions are hard to discredit. The Phoenix Lights that were seen by thousands across two states. The Ariel School UFO incident in Zimbabwe is certainly hard to dispel, especially after seeing the testimony of witnesses in James Fox’s The Phenomenon. The Benny and Barney Hill abduction incident in Epping, NH is a story which has many levels. Considering the era they lived in, why would a bi-racial couple call attention to themselves if this wasn’t true?

I personally no longer believe in aliens. I used to believe in them, but then government “disclosure” happened and we were told aliens were real. Obviously the government is going to lie to us, so I no longer believe aliens are real.


2. Ancient Civilizations

Ancient civilizations is the most underrated two hitter in the game and the toughest out in the lineup all because of one man, Graham Hancock.

Graham Hancock is going to be revered as a pioneer by future generations. The extensive work he has done providing us evidence of civilizations that existed prior to 6,000 years ago will be seen as groundbreaking once the old guard finally relinquishes the reins to the younger generations.

Nearly every culture throughout the world has some sort of flood myth that wiped out civilization from roughly the same time period. To me, that’s quite the evidence that the global flood is not a myth. We (actually not we; some people, but not me) accept other myths from CNN, FOX, and other mainstream media outlets with less evidence on a daily basis. 

Some of the reasoning against the idea of ancient civilizations seems foolish. Questioning the technology of a civilization we not only know nothing of, but actively try not to learn anything about is simply trying too hard to be a skeptic.

Their technology doesn’t have to be the same as our technology. “Where is the plastic??? How come we haven’t found the plastic???” In all fairness, considering how destructive plastic is towards the environment, can we really say that plastic is technically advanced? If an ancient civilization was more in harmony with the earth, which it looks like they were, then you have to think the only evidence left would be the stone workings. Does anyone know of any ancient stonework throughout the world that cannot be explained or replicated today?

Giza Plateau
Teotihuacan Pyramids
Nan Madol
Gobekli Tepe
Easter Island
Colossi of Memnon
Lamassu Statue


3. Hollow Earth


Hear me out, what if the “aliens” aren’t actually from another planet? If space is what we are told it is, traveling between stars seems impossible. Traveling between stars with habitable planets seems even more unlikely.

What if all of the UFO activity is actually from the Earth? Specifically, within the Earth.

Life exists everywhere on this planet. From the depths of the oceans to the frozen tundras of Siberia and the Northern Territories of Canada. 

Why can’t life exist within the Earth?

It’s a fair question. Life on Earth is adaptable, supposedly evolving over thousands to millions of years.

If anything, living inside the Earth is probably much, much safer than living on the surface. As our friends Graham Hancock and Joe Rogan like to remind us, society is fragile. It wouldn’t take much to wipe us all out. 

And we know these events have happened. We know meteorites have impacted the planet, causing global destruction. We know super volcanoes have erupted, spewing ash across the atmosphere and choking out sunlight. We know polar shifts have happened, with quite interesting theories on how destructive these events could be. 

Wouldn’t living underground actually increase one’s odds of survival? If Earth has been plummeted into a wasteland for hundreds, if not thousands of years at a time, wouldn’t life evolve and adapt to living underground? If life has adapted and is living in relative safety, why would it journey back to the surface?

We know there are oceans deep underground within the Earth. We also know of caves that go deep underground with their own ecosystems that support life. Why can’t there be an advanced, intelligent life living within the Earth, smartly avoiding interaction with homo sapiens (aka murder chimps)? 

Do our governments know something we don’t know? Extra terrestrial doesn’t translate to “from another planet.” It translates to “extra territory.”


4. Paranormal Activity

Demonologists Ed and Lorrain Warren

The Paranormal, aka ghosts, is not only our cleanup hitter, but an all-time great, Hall of Fame cleanup hitter.

The sheer number of people who have experienced unexplained occurrences is remarkable. Have you ever had a conversation about paranormal experiences amongst close friends?Nearly everyone has a story.

The paranormal is probably the oldest conspiracy in the world. In many cultures it isn’t even a conspiracy, it is accepted as part of life.

This is a conspiracy with no middle ground, people either believe in it or don’t.

5. Denver Airport

What the heck is going on here?

Depending on who you talk to, this airport is either an underground Illuminati bunker, an underground military base, or an underground base for aliens. In my world, the Illuminati, the military, and the aliens (which I no longer believe in) are all one in the same so this theory fits no matter who built the Denver Airport.

Where do we begin?

Meet Blucipher. This is a real 32-foot tall statue at the entrance/exit of the Denver airport. Menacing? Absolutely.

Why? Why is that the statue they chose?

Look at these murals. Why would anyone think this is appropriate artwork for an airport?

These are the best known examples of the oddness of the Denver airport, but there’s more.

In 2019, I had a flight get canceled that left me stuck in the airport for hours. I walked through this entire airport, end to end, looking for anything that seemed bizarre or out of place.

I must have been onto something because when I was back a few years later, my TSA Precheck was revoked. My wife says that I definitely entered the number incorrectly and it was my own fault. But we all know that my pass was tampered with and the number was changed by someone within the deep state as a way to let me know that I was digging too deep and it was time to stop. 


6. Satan’s Little Season

This is a new one to me but I’ll be damned, it sure sounds convincing. It sure as heck explains what is going on in this messed up world of ours.

Satan’s Little Season is 1996 Derek Jeter: new and fresh with a ton of potential. Could be hitting leadoff by the end of 2024.

The theory is that the resurrection of Jesus already happened and we are the sinners who have been left behind. This world has already experienced 1,000 years of peace under Jesus. Now it is Satan’s turn to rule over whatever this realm has become. 

History has been inverted. Everything we know and believe is a lie. The Dark Ages? Those were actually the golden age when the Earth prospered. But it has been erased from history we are fed lies about that era. 

This theory explains why the world can feel so hopeless and out of control. We see how corrupt and depraved our leaders are. We go to war over some imaginary lines in the sand, fighting over “limited” resources. But is that an inverted truth too? Are our resources really limited? It could just be another one of Satan’s lies.

The good news? Maybe we are getting closer to getting out of Satan’s little season. Maybe we are going to get a second chance at redemption. We certainly live in a world that seems to be filled with evil. However, it is always darkest before we see the light. If this one is true, then hopefully we are getting closer to the light.

7. Operation HighJump

This should be up higher in the lineup but we need to break it up a bit. Ancient civilizations and extraterrestrials are both tied into this one. We can’t keep stacking lefties in the lineup.

The story goes that Admiral Byrd was a military explorer who led an expedition to Antarctica. During this expedition, he came across another civilization. The beings that lived there were not necessarily humans like us, but more like our evolved cousins. We are the black sheep of the family, the cousin that can’t stay out of trouble. They are the exemplary cousins that have evolved way past our murder-ape ways.

During Operation High Jump, Admiral Byrd supposedly learned that Antarctica was vast and lush rather than the barren tundra we have been told about. It’s almost an oasis. However, our cousins have told us we are not welcome there. We are too war-like. We are too unpredictable. We need to get our house in order before we are welcome in their house.

As someone with a cousin who isn’t welcome in my house, I can see their point on this one.

Is it believable? I don’t see why not. Any conspiracy theorist knows there is more to this world than what we see. 

8. Polybius

This is just a fun conspiracy theory. I’m old enough to remember arcades. Arcades were awesome, rows and rows of video games, pinball, air hockey, and other coin-fueled forms of entertainment. I can still remember being handed $10 worth of quarters and knowing my afternoon would be absolutely awesome.

For a handful of Gen Xers out in Portland, Oregon, there was one game that may have been very, very memorable.

We say “may have been memorable” because Polybius supposedly never existed and any pictures we’ve seen of it on the internet are fake. 

But the legend of Polybius lasts to this day.

Polybius was allegedly an arcade game designed by the deep state as a PSYOP. The game was alleged to casue side effects in users that ranged from nightmares and insomnia to seizures and hallucinations. Men in black were alleged to retrieve data from the machine at night. Then, as quickly as it appeared in a few random Portland area arcades, it disappeared … never to be seen again (with the exception of one episode of The Simpsons)

We’ll likely never get any real confirmation of whether or not this arcade game existed. However, do we put it past the deep state to attempt this kind of PSYOP? Absolutely not.

Did the legacy of the game with its hallucinations and nightmares forever change Portland? Turning it from a weird hippie community to an even weirder hippie community? Sure, I can see that. What other explanations are there?

9. Boston Sports Cheating Scandals

Did you really think this one wasn’t going to make the list? Boston cheating scandals are a second leadoff hitter. Find a sports fan, any sports fan, that isn’t a Boston sports fan and ask them if they think the Red Sox and Patriots have cheated. The answer will be yes, because the evidence is overwhelming.

We’ll start with the Red Sox. Alex Cora, a first-year manager fresh off masterminding the biggest cheating scandal in MLB history, sets a franchise record for wins and leads a team to a World Series victory with numerous players having career years.

Even the AL MVP and star player on the 2018 Red Sox, Mookie Betts (who is now a Los Angeles Dodger for any Red Sox fans that need to be reminded of that), admitted there was some shady stuff going on in 2018.

I know Luke will call Alex Cora the greatest Red Sox manager of all time, but he has never, ever had a team perform at even close to that level since. Which is odd. His best year was his first year ever, and it’s never been replicated since. If anything, that reminds me of ancient civilizations. We built all this amazing stonework, then simply forgot how to do it?

Then we get into the Patriots with that ugly cheater Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, who is also an ugly cheater, but not as ugly as Tom Brady. 

Were the Patriots taping the Rams walkthroughs leading up to the 2001-2002 Super Bowl? According to Marshall Faulk, they had to have been taping the walkthroughs. The Patriots were ready for plays that the Rams had not run all season long. That is curious.

We know Spygate happened, but there has long been speculation that the sign stealing ran much, much deeper than we were told and is being covered up by the NFL for image purposes. Does that sound like something the NFL would do?

Then there was Deflategate. We all suspected that Tom Brady prefers his balls slightly deflated, that wasn’t a surprise. But I still think this ran deeper. The four games that Tom Brady was suspended helped keep him fresh and healthy. By the time the playoffs rolled around, Tom Brady had four less games of wear and tear. He looked better that postseason than he had in previous postseasons. We all know how close Robert Kraft is with Roger Goodell. Did Goodell help out the Patriots by saving Shady Brady from himself? In all fairness, four games for deflated balls felt a bit excessive considering how many times we have seen lesser suspensions for greater atrocities. It was like Goodell rigged the season for the Patriots.

I honestly don’t know if this one should even be on the list. It’s not a conspiracy theory if we all know it’s true.

And for what it’s worth. TOMpa Bay Tom Brady is the most likeable version of Tom Brady. He was no longer an ugly cheater, instead transforming himself into a likable guy who finally won a Super Bowl legitimately.


Designated For Assignment

We’re going to close out this post with a couple of conspiracy theories that have been designated for assignment. These are popular conspiracy theories that I simply do not buy into. Nothing but a bunch of hooey.


Oak Island Money Pit

There is no treasure on Oak Island, that was found out long ago. The Lagina brothers are just throwing good money down an empty hole. I watched the show for a few years, but even I had to accept they are never going to find anything.



This one might cause some heat with the Bigfoot believers, but I’ve just never bought into Big Foot. I know there are a lot, I mean A LOT, of Bigfoot believers out there, but I don’t buy it. Big Foot lives deep in the woods, right? Do you know who else lives deep in the woods? Outdoorsmen that love to hunt. Do you really expect me to believe that one of these guys wouldn’t have whacked Bigfoot by now? Someone somewhere would be entertaining house parties showing off their mounted Bigfoot while serving Bigfoot jerky.

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