Earlier this week we learned that Don Mattingly will not be returning as manager of the Miami Marlins for the 2023 season. It’s rather unsurprising as Derek Jeter and his contingent are no longer running the Marlins organization.

What are Don Mattingly’s options moving forward? There are a few teams moving forward that will likely be considering a new manager. The Los Angeles Angels will likely need a new manager. Mattingly should be considered but ultimately, the Angels should go forward with Joe Girardi. The Angels need a manager who can really change the mindset of that whole organization. Think of what Buck Showalter is doing with the Mets. To me, Girardi seems to be that guy. Obviously, it is the Angels so wise decisions are not always likely. Let’s leave it at Don Mattingly is a candidate for the Angels job, likely the number 2 candidate at best.

The Cubs might be an interesting choice. Mattingly is from Evansville, Indiana. A middle America guy could be a good fit for the Cubs.

The Phillies are probably at least considering a new manager if they were to miss the playoffs though I don’t see Don Mattingly and Philly being a good fit.

The Red Sox should be looking for a new manager but that isn’t a good fit either.

Running down the options, it’s likely Don Mattingly is not managing again soon. He has to ask himself where he goes from here? What does he still want to do in baseball? Does he want to be a bench coach?

This is a great opportunity for the Yankees to bring Don Mattingly back into the organization. 

There are a few roles that are clearly off the table, foremost being manager. Brian Cashman is not replacing Aaron Boone as the manager. I think third base coach is off the table too. Luis Rojas has done a good job this season coming off the disaster of Phil Nevin, he deserves to keep his job. Bench coach is a possibility but I don’t see the Yankees shaking up that position either.

Don Mattingly excelled as the Yankees hitting coach in that role from 2004 – 2006. Those lineups had a great approach at the plate. Despite having a few slump prone hitters, those teams never really saw players with extended slumps. Don Mattingly loved watching video, he loved hitting, he loved coaching hitters.

I doubt Don Mattingly is returning as the hitting coach. Instead they need to make him a special instructor. Using his wisdom as another voice at the major league level would be smart. Using his wisdom throughout the developmental level would be brilliant. 

The Yankees have some highly touted prospects in Jasson Dominguez and Anthony Volpe. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to have Don Mattingly working with these kids as they developed into major league hitters? What can he instill upon them at a young age that could make them that much more ready for the show?

Don Mattingly can bring so much value to the Yankees. The fans want him back, he would be showered with cheers at Yankee Stadium. We would love seeing him in uniform again at Old Timer’s Day. 

He has value and wisdom to share with future Yankees. Derek credits Don Mattingly for teaching him early in his career. 

Don Mattingly never won a World Series with the Yankees but there is a special opportunity to bring him back to generate a lineage of hitters that can propel the Yankees to multiple World Series, making his mark that way. It’s a win/win/win.  A win for the fans, a win for the Yankees, and a win for Don Mattingly. This is something that has to happen.

Don Mattingly, back in the Yankees organization, as a special instructor, imparting his wisdom on the Yankees developing prospects would be a brilliant move. Thought up by a brilliant man. Me.

By JMo

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