Aaron Judge. Is there a name more synonymous with the New York Yankees since 2016? From his first at bat where he crushed a home run that hit the Mohegan Sun Lounge in centerfield of Yankee Stadium to just the other day when he made a young fan’s life, this man has been everything we could possibly want for the New York Yankees. Sign this man!


I think the majority of Yankees fans are in agreement, the Yankees need to keep Aaron Judge in pinstripes for the rest of his career. Why bicker over 7, 8, or 9 years? Just give him the 9 year deal and ensure he’ll be here for the rest of his career. If the Yankees are so confident with their philosophy of scheduled rest days keeps players healthy, then why not lock him up for the rest of his career?

The Yankees made a 9 year commitment to Gerrit Cole, so let me ask you this, who is more important to the Yankees Gerrit Cole or Aaron Judge?

The Yankees took on the remaining 10 years of Giancarlo Stanton’s contract (11 if they opt in to the Team Option). Who is more important to the Yankees Giancarlo Stanton or Aaron Judge?

The Yankees have made long term commitments already, there is no excuse for making the commitment to Aaron Judge. He is the face of the franchise.

Are the Yankees worried about overpaying for too many years? Fiscal responsibility is important but sometimes you need to overpay to keep the man you want. Are the Yankees really trying to convince us it is more important to be fiscally responsible than to keep Aaron Judge? If that really is true, then why did they overbid, overpay, and overextend Aaron Hicks? Did Aaron Hicks really need to be signed to a 7 year deal? If you can give Aaron Hicks 7 years then you darn well can give Aaron Judge 9 years.

Aaron Judge is a leader in the Yankees clubhouse. He’s a fan favorite not just because of what he does on the field but because he actually makes the effort with fans. He seems to truly understand what he means to Yankees fans (especially the young ones) and he relishes that role. Aaron Judge may even be warmer and better with fans than Derek Jeter. Think about that! This man is connecting with the fans even better than Derek Jeter did. How can the Yankees let Aaron Judge leave as a free agent???

Fortunately, I do not think Aaron Judge will leave the Bronx. The Steinbrenner family understands tradition and what the Yankees are. The Yankees aren’t just another baseball team like the Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, or Cincinnati Reds. The Yankees are a tradition, an institution. The Yankees are the biggest team in baseball, it only makes sense they keep their biggest and most important players. I believe that deep down, the Steinbrenners realize this.

All that being said, the Yankees did make a fair offer to Judge. I personally felt he should have took the offer the Yankees presented. That doesn’t mean the Yankees need to take a hard stance, a take it or leave it offer. Instead I think the Yankees need to keep pushing forward to ensure Judge gets the years he deserves to keep him in pinstripes forever. Another Yankees legend with a plaque in Monument Park and a big old 99 hanging with the retired numbers.

Watching Judge play anywhere other than the Bronx would be crushing. Look at the pain Red Sox fans still feel over the loss of Mookie Betts. Aaron Judge is more important to the Yankees than Mookie Betts was to the Red Sox. Aaron Judge is the face of the New York Yankees. Ruth,Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, Mattingly, Jeter, Judge. Think about that list. How do you let Aaron Judge leave? You don’t. Pay this man what he wants for the years he wants.

By JMo

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