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I absolutely love New York Yankees trivia questions. Yankees history is part of being a die-hard Yankees fan. We love our greats, we love our obscure stats, we love being reminded of our forgotten Yankees. 

I love the in-game sponsored Yankees Trivia Question but it’s only one question and they don’t even do it every day anymore!

Therefore, I put together some Yankees trivia questions for Yankees fans to enjoy. We pride ourselves in our Yankees history. Unlike those Red Sox fans who know nothing about their team prior to 2004.


  1. If you are reading this, you know who is the All Time Yankees franchise leader in career saves. Can you name the guy who is in second place?
  2. True or False: Ron Guidry has the most wins in franchise history?

  3. Who is the Yankees career franchise leader in intentional walks?
  4. In December of 2009, the Yankees, Tigers and Diamondbacks completed a 3 way trade. Fill in the missing players.
    1. Yankees receive  _______. 
    2. Yankees send Phil Coke & _____ to Tigers. Yankees send _____ to Diamondbacks
    3. Diamondbacks receive Edwin Jackson from Tigers. 
    4. Tigers receive ________ and Daniel Schlereth from Diamondbacks.
  5. Early in the 1990 season the Yankees traded Dave Winfield to the California Angels for who?

  6. Don Mattingly was drafted in which round of the 1979 MLB Draft?

  7. How many years did Reggie Jackson play for the New York Yankees?
  8. All Rise for #99 Aaron Judge! Which two other players have worn 99 for the Yankees?

  9. Who was the last player to wear #2 before Derek Jeter?

  10. Who is the Yankees All Time Leader in Defensive WAR+?






  1. Dave Righetti with 224 career Yankees saves. Rags was one of my early childhood favorites. A forgotten Yankee who deserves a column one day.
  2. False – It’s Whitey Ford
  3. Mickey Mantle with 148 Intentional Walks. It makes sense, I don’t doubt that there were a lot of opposing pitchers who did not want to pitch to Mickey Mantle.

  4.  December 2009 Trade
    • Yankees receive  Curtis Granderson
    • Yankees send Phil Coke & Austin Jackson to Tigers. Yankees send Ian Kennedy to Diamondbacks
    • Diamondbacks receive Edwin Jackson from Tigers. 
    • Tigers receive Max Scherzer and Daniel Schlereth from Diamondbacks.

You look at this trade and get a great example of how foolish Brian Cashman can be. If the Diamondbacks were willing to part with a young Max Scherzer, why don’t the Yankees go all in trying to get a future ace, a guy who is still pitching at a high level 14 years later? Curtis Granderson was an okay player. He was a fan favorite but he wasn’t a difference maker the way Scherzer could have been for the Yankees

5. Mike Witt. I have to think the Yankees could have gotten a better deal. I can’t blame this bad trade on Cashman, this one was strictly The Boss.

6. The 19th round of the 1979 Draft

7. Reggie Jackson spent 5 seasons with the New York Yankees

8. Charlie Keller in 1952 and fan favorite Brian Bruney in 2009

9. Forgotten Yankee Mike Gallego from 1992 – 1994

10.Hall of Fame Shortstop Phil Rizzuto with 22.9

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