Chris Woodward opened his big mouth, inciting Yankees fans and galvanizing Red Sox fans. The clown manager of the Texas Rangers blamed the right field porch for a home run that traveled 369 feet. Not 314 ½ feet, 369 feet. That’s a home run in twenty six of the thirty MLB ballparks. Which includes both Globe Life and Fenway.

Chris Woodward made quite a few bold comments for a guy that was interviewing to be the new manager of the Yankees after the 2017 season. If he truly feels that Yankee Stadium is a “little league park”, I wonder if he mentioned that in his interview?

If Chris Woodward really felt that Yankee Stadium belongs in Williamsport, then why did his team only score 3 runs the entire series? How did he lose the game in question, scoring only one run? Chris Woodward doesn’t seem to be as good of a manager as he thinks he is.

Aside from Chris Woodward not getting the manager position of the New York Yankees. Chris Woodward also did not ever make it out of AAA during his brief stint within the Yankees organization. The question needs to be asked. Sour grapes?

Enough about Chris Woodward, we have to respond to the Yankee Stadium hate.

Personally, I embrace the Short Porch. It’s part of the Yankees lore. 

Have you ever sat in right the field stands? These are some of the best seats in Yankee Stadium, you are so close to the field. Practically on top of the right fielder, which has resulted in some of the best heckling in the history of the planet. I had a buddy get thrown out because Jose Bautista got his feelings hurt. I was out there in an especially contentious game with Milton Bradley. If you’ve never had the chance, make it a point to catch a game out there one day.

For baseball matters, complaining about the short porch is the dumbest, most inane argument a person could make.

Do the Yankees move right field back to 380 feet when the visiting team bats? I’ve been watching Yankee games my entire life, was I missing something the whole time??

Opposing hitters can and do hit home runs over the right field fence. Don’t believe me? Ask Sonny Grey. Ask AJ Burnett. Ask Randy Johnson. Ask Kevin Brown. Heck, even David Cone mentions on broadcasts that right field would hurt him too.

When the Yankees lose a game due to the short right field fence, do opposing teams give the runs back and say it shouldn’t count? Even Red Sox fans who complain about right field have benefitted from it. It’s foolish to complain.

Right field stays the same for both home and visiting teams. It’s not an advantage one way or the other. Do you know what is an advantage? That Green Monster. 

Red Sox left fielders play balls off the Green Monster 81 times a year, it’s a tremendous advantage. Balls bounce awkwardly off the Green Monster. How many times throughout the year do you see a Red Sox hitter register an extra base hit because a ball landed awkwardly and the visiting left fielder had to chase after it? The fact that a left fielder can play 81 games a year there, year after year is a tremendous advantage over visiting teams. Look at how cleanly Alex Verdugo fields this ball off the Green Monster.

Compared to this ugly play. How many triples did Pablo Sandoval have as a member of the Red Sox? One, this one.

NESN even somewhat acknowledges it as Jim Rice shows the art of fielding a ball off the Green Monster.

Red Sox fans, anything to say about that?? 

(crickets chirping)

If Red Sox fans really want to complain, then they need to insist the Red Sox fix the Green Monster. Tear down the Green Monster and put up a new one, where the balls can be played off it more predictably. If Red Sox fans care so much about home field advantage, why don’t they start in their own park?

Red Sox fans, anything to say about that??

(crickets chirping again)

Lastly, since baseball has numbers for everything now. Let’s look at how Statcast ranks Park Factors.

Would you look at that! Number 2 overall park, second only to Coors Field. Most hitter friendly park in the American League. My oh my. And you know what else? Yankee Stadium comes in at 22. Maybe the consequences of the short porch are being a bit overblown? 

As usual, it’s Red Sox fans being Red Sox fans. They hate us more than they love themselves. Next time one of those lowlifes brings up the short porch. Tell them to tear down that wall.

By JMo

2 thoughts on “That Clown Chris Woodward and the REAL Home Field Advantage”
  1. Home field advantage is synonymous with the Green Monster. Like you said, the Short Porch favors both home and away teams.

    The Green Monster clearly favors Boston.

    I love the stats you shared about how Fenway is second only to Coors Field. Boston fans love to talk about how the Green Monster is necessary. It’s only necessary because they built a stadium IN THE MIDDLE OF A CITY.

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