The season is toast. The season is over. We Yankees fans are not kidding ourselves, unlike the Yankees themselves. I think some of the quotes coming out of the Yankees organization, whether from management or the players are nothing more than lip service. Anyone who really thinks this team still has a chance to make the playoffs is a damn fool. Like I said, this season is not just burnt toast, it’s Eli Apple burnt toast.

Despite being burnt and humiliated worse than Eli Apple covering a mediocre wide reciever, we can start looking for silver linings in the wake of the failure of the 2023 season. Believe it or not, there are some silver linings. I’ll walk you through the silver linings.

The Scapegoating of Aaron Boone will provide us the opportunity to talk about who to hire as the new manager Brian Cashman’s new marionette.

It looks like the fall guy for the 2023 season will be Aaron Boone. I personally have nothing against Aaron Boone and I feel this move may be a bit unfair. I don’t think there are many managers out there who could have gotten more out of this team. Boone has no control over Rizzo’s concussion. Boone has no control over Carlos Rodon’s insufficient effort. Boone has absolutely no control over the lack of foresight in the construction of Dodger Stadium.

Despite that, Boone is likely going to be scapegoated for the 2023 season. I fully expect Boone to be shown the door within a day or two of the season ending.

The silver lining to this is that Yankees fans now have something to talk about. Wahoo.

We’ll get to debate who the Yankees should hire as Cashman’s new marionette. The Yankees will spend weeks, agonizing over details and going through the interview process to pick a new manager. A manager that will have minimal authority. A manager that will have minimal say. A manager that will be devoted to analytics. A manager that will be devoted to Cashman’s philosophy. I think any respectable manager or coach should turn down this job. There’s nothing to gain and everything to lose. I hope Aaron Boone can find another manager job and lead a team to the playoffs with some actual managing, showing how flawed Cashman’s system is.

Maybe we get to see some of the young kids?

As Yankees fans, going into each season, we know we aren’t going to see any of our prospects unless things go really, really bad for the Yankees. This year has gone really, really bad for the Yankees.

The Yankees have a few touted prospects in AAA right now. I don’t see any reason to keep them in AAA. Bring up Everson Pereira now. We already know what Jake Bauers and Billy McKinney are, let’s see what the kid can do.

Why not put Trey Sweeney at 3B for the rest of the season? What is there to lose? Obviously there is no playoff spot at stake. Sweeney is supposedly a guy who can rake, let’s see if there is any truth to that.

Clayton Beeter is a third name that needs to be thrown into the mix. Supposedly, he was drawing interest at the trade deadline. If the Yankees have a pitcher who is potentially good enough to draw trade interest, they should at least determine if he has the mental makeup to pitch in the Bronx.

The more games the Yankees lose, the harder it is to ignore the problem

The best thing that can happen to the Yankees would be to play .200 ball down the stretch. If the Yankees are abysmally bad, how can anyone still defend Cashman? How can the organization defend Cashman and this atrocious roster with a bloated payroll? 


Cue the Excuses!!

There is one thing that Brian Cashman and his baseball nerds do well. Really well. Really, really well. 

The Yankees love to make excuses for their performance.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Cashman hired an entire PR staff dedicated towards making excuses. It’s never the Yankees fault! It’s never Cashman’s fault! The analytics said we should have been a playoff team. The analytics say we should NOT have sucked. The analytics prove that this isn’t our fault!!!

The excuses will absolutely enrage me but it will give me fodder for the entire offseason to mock a bunch of idiots who are some of the worst people at their job in this country.

Cashman is finally in the hot seat?

This one is much, much less likely but we can hope, right? At some point, Hal or the Steinbrenner sisters need to see how bad of a job this guy is doing. I truly think nearly any other GM in baseball (with the exception of Chaim Bloom) would have this team as a perennial top contender in the American League. I think nearly any other GM could have made at least 1 World Series appearance in the last 13 years. It’s obvious to you and me. But is it obvious to the Steinbrenner family?

By JMo

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