Bruh, really?! Did Yankees fans really need this right now?

No playoffs. Worst season by the Yankees since I was a kid. Brian Cashman still has a job.

Yankees fans aren’t programmed for failure like Red Sox fans. Last place finishes in 75% of Chaim Bloom’s seasons are normal for Red Sox fans. Yankees fans don’t know how to adjust to this new and unfamiliar territory.

The countdown to Spring Training has already started and the rest of the baseball world is still in the early stages of the ALCS. A playoff round every Yankees fan expected this team to be in.

So did we really need this right now? Did Yankees fans really need to see Jordan Montgomery be the stud starting pitcher of the playoffs?

Jordan Montgomery is not only lighting it up for the Texas Rangers. Jordan Montgomery just dominated the Houston Astros, a team the Yankees have struggled to beat over the past 7 seasons. 

Jordan Montgomery just dominated a team he was never allowed to pitch against in previous ALCSes. (Can the grammar police confirm that is correct?)

The Yankees had their stud postseason starting pitcher within the organization this whole time and we never knew it. They never knew it either!

Yankees fans never even saw flashes of this Jordan Montgomery. What went wrong? 

Montgomery has given all the credit to his pitching coach, Mike Maddux. The Lesser Maddux simply encouraged Monty to start throwing his 4 seam fastball more often, a pitch the Yankees wanted him to shy away from.

The 6’6’’ long limbed Montgomery, unsurprisingly to Mike Maddux, was able to use his delivery and release point to take a fastball, clocked around 93-94 MPH, play to a much faster 98-99 MPH.

The change in approach has grown Montgomery’s confidence, which has allowed him to develop a breaking ball with devastating late break. 

Montgomery went from a back of the rotation starter to a playoff ace in just over a season. We never saw this Montgomery before he was traded away to St. Louis at the 2022 deadline.

If it was so obvious to Mike Maddux that an adjustment in his approach could elevate Montgomery to this level. How did everyone within the Yankees organization miss that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

This is just another example in a long line of examples of how grossly mismanaged the Yankees have been under Brian Cashman’s tenure. 

I am exasperated. The gaping holes in the way the Yankees are run are blatant yet no one within the organization realizes it? How are these things missed? How do they whiff on player after player? 

The timing of the Rise of Montgomery aligns perfectly with this audit. It’s another example of why the Yankees fail season after season.

Yankees fans are excited over the organizational audit that is currently in progress. We are desperately hoping that this will yield results. We’ll see a drastic shift in the way the Yankees build the team. 

I have so much hope but I still have concern. If the consulting group recommends that Hal Steinbrenner fire Brian Cashman, will Hal be able to drop the guillotine on the most hated man in the Yankees Universe?

By JMo

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