First of all, it is very important to note that the Yankees have extended their streak of winning seasons to 31 despite the season we have all just endured. I planned on writing a way-too-early prediction for the Yankees’ 2024 season, but I have too many questions that need to be answered first. Let’s get real, the postseason just started and we should give every team in the playoffs a chance to have some fun before we start talking about next season.

Anyway, what are the Yankees going to do this offseason to put this year behind them? I don’t think any major changes should be made. The season is disappointing to a franchise that is used to being elite, but there shouldn’t be a major overreaction on the managing side. Just take out the trash in the offseason, bring in some young talent and keep ‘em healthy. It all may seem so simple, but there are questions that will have to be answered. 


Will Boone be Fired?

The first suspect when a team is doing poorly is usually the manager, and there may be a good case for ousting Boone, but is it really his time to go? No, they are keeping that man. Something in me just tells me this is not the year. Boone gets one more chance so we can better evaluate whether or not he is part of the problem. Let him address whatever issues he thinks caused such a dismal performance, and wait to see. 

If Boone was truly in a perilous position, he would’ve been gone by now. The discussions about Boone’s future as manager would not continue into the postseason like this if he was on his way out. I think Boone is safe… for now.

Will Judge’s Injury Continue?

Casual viewers may see a toe injury as small and insignificant, but your toes are important, and Aaron Judge’s toe is even more important. While he did return to the field, the healing process was long and still not fully complete. The offseason will be perfect for providing some rest to Judge’s big toe and, hopefully, he will return in tip-top shape. 

There was early speculation of needing surgery, which would be big factor, but Judge won’t be operated on and won’t have to worry about recovery from surgery. There were also grumblings of this injury possibly affecting Judge for the rest of his career. 

Toe injuries may seem less serious or silly because it is just a toe. You may not realize it, but your toes actually do a lot to help you run, balance and grip, which is a basic need to play most sports. Judge’s job requires him to put pressure on his toes. Continuing that type of activity, even after being healed, could aggravate the injury. Many athletes have injuries that follow them for the rest of their careers, and I’m sure Judge is hoping this isn’t the case for his toe. 

Who’s Coming In and Who’s Going Out?

I have no idea, but I do know we will all be watching to see who comes into the dugout and who walks out. The talent walking in the door should be young, fresh players looking to get the bats going. Judge isn’t going to carry the team on his own. 

Shohei Ohtani is out of the question due to his West Coast preference, but there are other prospects. There are rumors of Juan Soto being a possibility. Cody Bellinger is another top prospect. Bellinger and the Yankees have previously flirted with each other about a trade, and the Stripes are definitely in a position to make a move. 

The fans caught a hint of some young hitting talent in Jasson Dominguez during the season, and we will all eagerly await the rookie’s return from Tommy John surgery. Dominguez may be a light in the distance regarding a promising Yankees’ future. 

They have rid themselves of most of the trash already. Josh Donaldson and Aaron Hicks are happy to contribute nothing to their playoff teams. It’s all love for Giancarlo Stanton, but he’s hitting .190 as the DH. While we’re at it, throw in DJ LaMahieu too because he’s been riding the struggle bus for a long time. 

All in all, it is Brian Cashman’s fault. The fans have been making it known to Cashman about how they feel. He hasn’t done much to help the team maintain a certain level of winning since 2009. He’s put us into an eternal slumber with poor decisions that have led to mediocre seasons. Even Aaron Judge has had enough of this and has spoken about wanting to meet with Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner. It’s almost like a sad little intervention. Please, Aaron, save us from Brian.

I don’t see much movement in either the manager or general manager spots. Regardless, there is a massive evaluation into the team’s performance pending, and the only thing fans can do is hope we come out better on the other side.

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